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What are the benefits of martial arts


Fitness is one of the main reasons why people start training martial arts. Most of our students have struggled with monotonous gym routines that use the same mundane exercises day in and day out.

Martial arts keep things fresh, functional, and fun. Every session is designed to be different and dynamic. You will find that with regular training, not only will your skills improve, but so will your body. You will get stronger, more powerful, flexible, and overall fitter in all senses of the word. You will find that you will be able to train for longer and experience less fatigue than when you first started.


Confidence is another benefit that our martial arts classes have to offer. Simply being able to walk down the street by yourself or with loved ones, knowing that you are prepared and are able to defend yourself is priceless.

The martial art classes that we provide at Masters Academy Bristol are designed to be functional for both sport and street environments. We aim to keep things functional and shy away from tradition without effectiveness.

Numerous mental benefits

Martial arts will cultivate numerous mental benefits including:

  • Confidence
  • Self- Discipline
  • Stress relief
  • Goal setting
  • Socialising

Learn amazing skills

You will learn amazing, lifelong skills that will have a huge impact on your physical attributes. These include:

  • Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Burning fat
  • Building muscle


You are about to join a tight-knit group of dedicated and driven people. Your Kung-Fu brethren will be some of the most goal driven and motivational people you will ever meet. This immediately places you in a positive environment where everyone encourages each other to learn, improve, and grow. We leave the Ego at the door at Masters Academy Bristol and everyone who trains with us values humility and the pursuit of knowledge.


There is also the competition route. This is something a practitioner can aim for if they fancy the adrenaline filled fun that is competition. By highlighting clear individual goals and by training consistently in our systems you will see a change in your body, mentality, skill set, and overall outlook on life.

Become an athlete and a role model.

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