Hard Work – Our instructors will work hard in order to help your goals become a reality. We will also encourage our students to give 100% in order for them to realise their vision.

Effective – We will provide functional, effective techniques and training methodology to help you achieve your own personal goals and defend yourself on the street.

Environment – You will be training in a positive, continuous learning environment where you will improve with each and every visit.

Fun – Our classes are dynamic, diverse and super fun. We pride ourselves on an easy going atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more.

Perfect Practice – We firmly believe in building solid technique and allowing the student to progress at their own pace.

Friendly – From the moment you walk through the door you will be greeted with friendly enthusiastic instructors who will help you get started and will continue to monitor your progress.

Safety – We will never do something that will place our students, staff, or families in danger.

Continuous Improvement of Students – We pride ourselves on constantly improving our students. Whether its fitness, self defence or competition, our classes and instruction will not allow your progress to stagnate.

Continuous Improvement of Instructors – Our instructors will always endeavour to provide the best possible service both inside and outside the gym. That is why we will never stop training and will always be on the cutting edge of martial arts skill development.